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GO GREEN initiative

Go Green initiative is brought to picture to provide our school with the tools, training and ongoing support they need to create a “culture of conservation” and natural resource stewardship within.

A world where natural resources are equitably available, and all children are healthier as a result of living the principles of the Go Green Initiative.

Save Plants campaign

We at World School strive to make it a routine to teach children about the importance of tree planting. We have motivated volunteers to encourage the children to involve in planting.

Such awareness camps brought knowledge to children that natural calamities like earthquakes, Tsunamies and unseasonal heavy rains are happening  mostly  because of deforestation. Children are much interested in tree planting to save our earth for them and for their future generations. 

WORLD SCHOOL conducts First Check Point Examination

World School has sent its first batch for the Cambridge Checkpoint Examination this year.

World School had over 13 students who took part in the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint, it was for the first time this examination was carried out at our premises and it already looks colossal for our blooming talents.

Cambridge Primary Checkpoints have been designed to assess learners at the end of Cambridge Primary with an external International benchmark for learner performance, strengths and weaknesses before they progress to the next stage of learning. Each learner receives a statement of achievement and a diagnostic feedback report, giving schools detailed information and parents extra trust in the feedback they receive. Every year, the British Council helps more than two million people take international exams.

Safety works!

The theme of the Programme was to raise awareness in different aspects of Fire Safety. Children at this age are likely to be going through the transition and this age group can often take unnecessary risks in their day to day lives both inside and out of the home/ school.

Such programme will raise awareness of everyday dangers and hazards and how they can be avoided to prevent accidents and injuries.

Learning about the seasons

Educating a Child and making him feel the importance of every season is vital, so we decided them to have a feel of each season at one time.

Helping children learn about the world around them and the environment helps provide a good basis for early childhood education. One of the ways in which you can do this is to help them learn about the changing seasons.

The advent of spring, summer, autumn and winter each brings with it its own unique natural characteristics and the ideal opportunity for helping children learn. Young children are usually keen to learn and improve their understanding of the world around them and the chance to gain new knowledge can be incorporated into a variety of activities.

Animal welfare campaign

Animal welfare campaign, is an important and effective way to provide students with a learning environment outside the classroom, foster their passions and interests, teach them leadership skills, and link them with like-minded students and community members with whom they may not have otherwise connected.

And as you know, animal rights is an important social justice issue that many students are passionate about. Helping to facilitate such campaigns is a great way to make a difference!

water conservation awareness campaign

Launch of water conservation awareness campaign within the school. Encouraging the teachers to discuss the benefits of conserving water and ways the students can get involved in using less water. A water conservation poster contest was conducted, which allows all of the kids to take part in spreading the news, the best designs were  turned into permanent signs to hang in the restrooms. The signs serve as a reminder for students to conserve water.