Our Featrues

Friendly Environment

World School is just "A Home away from Home". It is secure and safe with caring and welcoming staff to cater to the needs of the students.

Excellence Sessions

We believe that mere classes would not suffice to raise the kids as per the demands of the world. Hence for co-curricular activities as well as extra academic supports, free sessions are arranged in the evenings as well as holidays which can be availed by the students as per their requirements.

Full interactive & supportive parental community

World School believes that kids are gifts to their parents. Hence their education should be taking in consideration of the wishes of the parents. World School expects parents to have a continuous interaction and active participation in the education process whereby the kids benefit to the maximum

Individualised Learning Styles

Each student has his/her strength and weakness. Instead of treating everyone like a herd, supporting and assisting each one individually so that each blossoms to his/her full potential. Class strength is fixed to a max of 22 to make this happen.

Latest technologies

School uses the latest technologies like Digital boards, Handheld devices, Laptops, etc for learning so that the best in the world is delivered to the students at fingertips

Holistic Approach

Unlike the traditional schools, we look at the student from a holistic perspective. Not only knowledge acquisition but values and all these with a passion makes the transformation of the student to a self-developing entity

Expert Teaching Faculty

World School brings the best in the industry to meet the challenges. Each subject is handled by relevant professionals making learning a loving experience

BPS Quality Assurance

World School has all the backing and support of the celebrated Birla Public School, a name which has created a lasting impression in the minds of global educational community with a century – old trust in quality education sphere.