World School follows the latest curriculum in the International Education system – CBSE International. CBSE International which is famously known as CBSE-i is the most latent entry into the International education which combines the salient features of International Baccalaureate (IB) and CBSE curriculums. CBSE-i prepares the students to face the academic assessments of curriculums of CBSE, IB or IGCSE.

World School would be starting operations in OCTOBER 2012 and initially would cater to the following classes:

School would have two academic sessions to meet the requirements of the students:
Winter Session – Starts 1st Sept and Ends by 30th June: This session is mainly meant to the National students (Omani Nationals) & Arab Nationalities, matching the academic session with that of the Oman School system. The curriculum will have compulsory Arabic Language, Islamic and Religious Studies and Social Science subject will have more inputs from the Oman National curriculum to meet the Ministry of Education requirements

Summer Session – Starts 1st April and Ends 30th Mar (includes the two month vacation): This session is mainly meant for Asian Students (Indians, Pakistanis & SriLankans) & other Expatriate community. The curriculum will be more international with adequate inputs of their national curriculum as permitted by the Ministry of Education, Oman and CBSE (Certification Body)




ArrowWe believe in “EDUCATING, NOT TEACHING”. World School uses participatory style of learning methodologies rather than the age-old one way classroom teaching.
ArrowAs an authentic International school with the BIRLA Educational Philosophy, we have an international curriculum, global expert teaching faculty, cutting edge learning environment and world-class facilities.
ArrowWorking on the Time-Tested PENTAGONAL EXCELLENCE MODEL ® World School has a holistic pedagogical approach to tap the full potential of the aspiring student.
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